UltiPro InTouch DX Profile: Product Profile

Drive accurate, efficient, and personalized timekeeping with an innovative timeclock that exceeds the modern workforce's expectations.

Effectively managing an hourly workforce can be challenging, especially if your employees lack access to a computer during work hours. The InTouch DX timeclock exceeds expectations of the modern workforce by marrying usability with personalization to empower employees and managers to work productively-no matter where they are.

With UltiPro’s InTouch DX timeclock, teams can:

  • Reimagine the timeclock experience with an ergonomic, streamlined design
  • Deliver a personalized experience to the workforce with real-time notifications
  • Enjoy an extremely reliable and durable device, built for virtually any work environment
  • Offer multilanguage support for a diverse workforce
  • Leverage optional biometric authentication to eliminate buddy-punching

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